Vinos Barco


Since 1962

Vinos Barco is a winery in the northwest of Spain, located in Barco de Valdeorras, Ourense. We can boast that the first Spanish godello wine was bottled at our facilities. We were founded as a cooperative in 1958 and our first harvest came four years later. As such, we have the first wine bottling plant in the Valdeorras region and one of the first in Galicia with around 800 producers. Since then, we have constantly worked the land looking after every vine, considering each one to be the manifestation of the family legacy.

Vino Barco was founded in the Valdeorras region in 1958 and the first harvest took place in 1962. The cooperative emerged in response to the difficulty that

small producers faced at the time in selling their produce. At the beginning, there were 800 members that provided the winery with a large volume of grapes, which allowed it to start selling wine in bulk. Thanks to that, we were able to start bottling wine.

We were the first bottling plant in the Valdeorras region and one of the first in Galicia. We can boast of being the home of the first wine made with the godello variety, which is held in high regard today all around the world. After that godello, great wines followed.


At Vinos Barcos, we are committed to the traditional methods and looking after each and every bunch of grapes, undertaking the process by hand to preserve the essence that has always been characteristic of our winery and region. Here we are. We are the cooperative members, the producers, the people who fight for this winery, and we are like family.

Love for our land

Valdeorras is the most western region of the province of Ourense. Located in the part of Galicia closest to the province of León, it is a place filled with magic. Unforgettable.

Due to the geological history of the region, a large part of the land is made up of slate, quartzite and schist. The abundance of natural resources and the fertility of our land make Valdeorras the ideal place for growing our best grapes.


For us, the harvest is more than a job, it is a party, a good harvest is the reward of a year of care and hard work, both in the vineyard and in the winery. We pay attention to every little detail, to achieve a good harvest, a great vintage and extraordinary wines. Pruning, harvesting the grapes and, of course, their preparation is very difficult for us; but it is worth going through each of the processes.


We at Vino Barco have over sixty years of experience in the sector. Our knowledge has been passed down from generation to generation, ensuring that our wines don’t lose a speck of the personality that has come to characterise them since we began.

Looking back, we recall our history, which is present in every bottle and every vintage. It reminds us of our origins and it sets the path that we at Vinos Barco have always followed and that has got us where we are today. It helps us to continue progressing and it allows us to adjust and grow, while always keeping in mind where we have come from, striving to continue providing the best quality wine, caring for our land and preserving the spirit of our very first harvest.


Grapes used to arrive at our village, or Barco de Valdeorras, in boats. We wanted to revive that history and pay homage, through our logo, to how our raw material was once transported, forming the foundations of the wines we produce.


At Vinos Barco, we are continuously growing and adapting to new times.  We currently have over 300 members and around 250 hectares of vineyards. Our production capacity has reached two million bottles. 

We are strongly committed to fighting climate change. Our land is part of who we are and that is why we protect it. We are committed making consumers aware of sustainability. That is why all our wines are vegan.


We are proud of our wines, as they are the result of our experience working the land. There is part of each of us in every bottle. We all form part of these wines.

Since the beginning, we have always overseen the entire production process of our wines, from the grape harvest, to the very last detail of the bottle of wine that arrives at your door. We have spent many years doing this and our experience is proof of it.

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